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Privacy Policy of rRipple

rRipple is given access to your profile picture and Facebook friends strictly in order to show you what your friends have purchased and reviewed, and vice versa. rRipple does not give access to this data to any third parties, nor to rRipple sellers. The data is accessed and stored securely and internally by rRipple only and is used only for the purposes of making the platform function for your benefit. rRipple does not and will not sell your data, nor make it available to third parties in any other manner.

These are the specific pieces of data rRipple receives from Facebook and exactly how they are used:

-Your name: Your name is displayed alongside your reviews to your friends, and only if you do not check “anonymous review”. If you check “anonymous review” your friends will see that a friend of theirs reviewed the product but not who. Your name will be displayed alongside messages you send to friends. In the friends search feature, with no other information visible to non-friends except your name and a small thumbnail picture (similar to Facebook itself, but with even less information visible in the friends search). Your name will be displayed alongside messages you write in the discussion forums. rRipple does not share your name with any outside parties or off the platform.

-Your Facebook thumbnail picture: Your thumbnail picture is displayed in the same areas as your name. Next to reviews shown to your friends, unless you mark a review as anonymous in which case it will say that a friend reviewed that item without your name or thumbnail picture. Your thumbnail picture will show alongside messages to friends and alongside posts in discussion groups. Your thumbnail picture will show in small format in friend searches with your name.

-Which of your Facebook friends are rRipple users: rRipple receives information on which of your Facebook friends are rRipple users, so that you can automatically be friends with them on rRipple as well (you can remove any friends that you would like at any time under the ‘Friends’ tab). rRipple only has access to Facebook friends that are also rRipple users, it does not access data on other Facebook users you may be friends with. The only use for this data is to associate your profile with those friend-users on rRipple. This data is not shared with any other companies or organizations or used for other purposes.

rRipple does not access or process other Personal Data from Facebook, only what is described above. No external contact information or further personal information are received by rRipple from Facebook.

In order to receive information about your Personal Data, the purposes and the parties the Data is shared with, contact the Owner. However all Personal Data received from Facebook and used by rRipple is described above.

Requesting Deletion of your Data from rRipple

You may request deletion of your data by contact or Please allow 3-10 days for deletion of your data from rRipple.

For more information and to understand your rights, you can also view the complete version of this privacy policy, by clicking the link at the bottom right of this page

Contact Information:

Owner and Data Controller

rRipple Inc

210 E Flamingo Dr

Las Vegas, NV 89169

Choice of law: This privacy policy is governed by the laws and courts of Las Vegas, Nevada

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